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A Business That Helps Other Businesses Get More Business.

That in the proverbial nutshell is what we do.

Those in PR will understand that explaining what we do to friends, family and even prospective clients, who aren’t intimate with the ways of the PR world, can be a challenge.

Such was the case when I coincidentally found myself on a streetcar ride with my daughter’s fourth-grade class on their way to a field trip.  I was peppered with questions about where I work and what I do – apparently The iPR t-shirts I got my girls as a gift weren’t doing the trick.

So after about 10 minutes of trying to explain our raison d’etre – one of my daughter’s friends piped up and said – You’re a business that helps other businesses get more business – shout out to Sloane.

I think it may be time for that heading to find a place on our website.  Some people have trouble with exactly what PR does for a business but ultimately it helps to drive more business.  How that happens is many a splendid thing. Check out the Impact page on our website which lists what we do.

My long time mantra, courtesy of a former colleague, has been, “We’re all in sales.”  And while I don’t plan to give that line up anytime soon, don’t be surprised if your next iPR proposal starts with… A business that helps other businesses get more business.

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